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Get your project off on the right foot with this FREE, interactive business plan!

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So many women are stepping into their God-given gifts, overcoming fear and making money doing what they love. Come to one of our inspiring Business Boutique events and you can, too! You’ve got the passion, we’ve got the plan.

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The Story of Business Boutique

How it all got started How I got started is really the story of how my mom got started. My mom was a single mom and she opened a little cake shop when I was just six months old to raise and support me by herself. Growing up in the cake shop (literally at times!) and watching my mom use her gifts and chase her dreams...

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I’ve noticed a theme of arrogance lately—but what’s weird about it is that it seems to be a socially acceptable kind of arrogance. Here’s what I mean. We all know what a snob is, right? ... More

Did you know that women speak an average of 20,000 words a day? That doesn’t really surprise me; in fact, my daily average is probably double that! But to put it in perspective, men speak ... More

Growing up in my mom’s cake shop provided some of my favorite memories and most important life lessons. I learned work ethic and customer service skills. Even when I was too little to really help ... More

I love a good personality test. I’m a sucker for those internet quizzes . . . Why yes, I do want to know which character from Friends I am! (I’m Monica, all the way.) But ... More

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