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Get your project off on the right foot with this FREE, interactive business plan!

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The Story of Business Boutique

How it all got started How I got started is really the story of how my mom got started. My mom was a single mom and she opened a little cake shop when I was just six months old to raise and support me by herself. Growing up in the cake shop (literally at times!) and watching my mom use her gifts and chase her dreams...

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We polled the thousands of women who have already attended a Business Boutique event. We asked them why they think someone should attend Business Boutique, and we were amazed and excited by the wide variety ... More

My favorite event of the year is happening next week! My team and I have been planning every last detail to ensure that your time at Business Boutique and experience in Nashville is unforgettable. I can’t ... More

Jess Connolly is a girl after my own heart. She's an author and a business owner, she's passionate about God, and she'll emcee our Nashville Business Boutique event! I so appreciate her honesty and perspective, and I know ... More

Friends, I want you to meet Lacy Stoneburner! Lacy is the owner of Stoneburner Bookbinding out of Boston, and her business focuses on handmade journals, custom books, and digital file portfolios. She’s been operating her company ... More

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