May 23, 2014

Jumping in the Jeep

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog, Jackson. If we are connected on any social media at all, then I am sure you've seen him. I have just a few pictures of him.   I may or may not have a...

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog, Jackson.

If we are connected on any social media at all, then I am sure you’ve seen him. I have just a few pictures of him.

Jackson Collage


I may or may not have a problem…


One of the many awesome things that I love about Jackson is how much he loves to be with me. It doesn’t matter where we are going or what we are doing, he loves to be wherever I am.

If I am about to leave the house and I grab my keys, he starts getting excited – hopeful that he might get to go with me in the car. On the occasions that he does get to go and I let him come out to the car with me, before I can even fully open the lift-gate of my Jeep, he is already flying mid-air into the back.

He doesn’t know if we are going to the dog park, or the vet. We could be going on a hike, or I could be taking him to stay at someone’s house because I am actually going out-of-town. He has no idea where we are going but he flies into the car with every ounce of enthusiasm that he has.

One day when I was taking him somewhere with me, he had such momentum from running and jumping in that he slid all the way to the front and crashed into the front seats. And then the very next second, he turned around and looked at me smiling and panting like, “Well come on! Let’s go!”

I laughed at just how excited he gets every. single. time. that he gets to go somewhere with me.

And in the most unexpected random moment, I heard God speak to me.

“Christy, what if you trusted me THAT much? What if you didn’t ask where we were going, or question my plans for you, or doubt my heart towards you? What if you completely trusted where I was taking you and were just excited because you got to go with Me?”

And I got it.

Jackson doesn’t ask where we are going before he will take a step towards the car. He doesn’t try to understand and approve of the destination before he will jump in.

He isn’t skeptical about my plans for him when I get the keys. He just jumps in the Jeep with every ounce of enthusiasm and trust and hope that he has.

Because his concern isn’t where we are going; all that he cares about is who he is going with.

Lord that I would trust like that. Help me “jump in the Jeep” of your plans without worrying about where you are taking me but completely trusting you and focusing on enjoying Who I am going with.

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  1. I so loved your story, and the message gem inside. You are a wonderful writer!

  2. Karin says:

    Having a dog with this excitement myself, I definitely see the connection! Great story! Thanks! I’ll think of this often now when I’m with my dog. I am a new reader who discovered you after your commercial on DR show.