June 11, 2014

Two Easy DIY Ideas

I'm on a house project kick, again. I've been on and off these kicks since we moved in our house exactly a year ago yesterday. And like everyone told us when we bought our first house, it never ends. But...

I’m on a house project kick, again. I’ve been on and off these kicks since we moved in our house exactly a year ago yesterday. And like everyone told us when we bought our first house, it never ends.

But I can go months without feeling the urge to fix or update or redecorate something and then… and then I break. I just can’t take that shade of burnt orange on the walls any longer. So I rush out to Lowe’s and get a beautiful cool grey color that’s super trendy and calming and all over Pinterest right now and I then I am on my way to fixing just the paint.

Just. The. Paint.

But it’s never just the paint is it?  IT’S NEVER JUST THE PAINT.

Because then I have to add art and coordinating rugs and a little candle in the corner and just when I finish that room and think I am D-O-N-E, done!…

“OHMYGAWD! Look how awful the hall color looks now next to the new perfect grey color?!”

This is my life. And unfortunately for him, this is my husband’s life, too.

Anyway, in the last week or so, I’ve painted the stairwell, hallway and guest bath and in this process, had two ideas that I wanted to share with you.

Idea #1: Framed Scripture Art

Despite my best decorating efforts, I am running out of ideas to decorate the walls with something meaningful besides pictures of us and every friend we’ve ever had, every family member including distant cousins and an embarrassing amount of pictures of our dog. I don’t want to just buy random art of flowers in vases so I was looking for something meaningful, cheap, simple and attractive.

Burnt Orange Stairwell Before

hall before.

I decided to search Etsy for different scriptures that Matt and I both really like. Most were $5 to download and you can print them at Kinko’s on nice paper for $0.29 each. Then you can add them to some nice matted frames (I prefer T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s because they are so affordable) and Voila! – classy stairwell!

hall 2                 hall 1

I chose six scriptures that mean something to Matt and I but there are hundreds to choose from!

IMG_1047 IMG_1046 IMG_1045

IMG_1044 IMG_1043 IMG_1042

After I finished the stairwell, the upstairs hall looked awful next to the new color so I painted that, also.

Then, well, you can see the guest bathroom from the stairwell and hallway and it just did not match so I painted that, too.

Which brings me to…

Idea #2: Customizable Framed Note for Guests

Guest Bath Before

Bathroom before

Guest Bath After

I didn’t get into changing major things like the attractive seashell vanity top and built-in toilet paper holder. I could not possibly face my husband if I had started pulling drywall out without warning. I had to draw the line somewhere.

Bathroom 1             Bathroom 2

We have a lot of people come and stay with us from out-of-town and my mom often house and dog sits while Matt and I are traveling. One of the Ideas that I had for art in the bathroom was to make a sign for our guests that could be customized for whoever is staying. I thought it would be fun to have a friendly little note welcoming them to our home. I contacted Melinda from Etsy that created some of the other art I bought and for $10, she made me a customized piece.

(If you are graphically-designed-inclined, you may be able to literally do it yourself. I, however, am not and was happy to pay the ten bucks.)

I love the personal touch it adds to our guest bath and it’s easy to update with a simple dry erase marker!


Needless to say, my husband is praying that the Project Kick ends soon but until it does, I’ll keep sending ideas your way!

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  • Allison Roberts says:

    I love the Welcome sign! What a wonderful way to make your guests feel at home.

    Another great source for home décor items with scriptural messages is Mary&Martha (full disclosure-I am a consultant). I love the way the merchandise brings God’s word into our home.