July 22, 2014

31 Interesting Things in 31 Years

I turned 31 on Sunday and when I was thinking about my birthday, the thing that kept coming back to my mind is just how much I've done in my 31 years. I don't mean "done" in terms of achievement,...

I turned 31 on Sunday and when I was thinking about my birthday, the thing that kept coming back to my mind is just how much I’ve done in my 31 years. I don’t mean “done” in terms of achievement, either. I mean just interesting, different, sometimes weird and cool things that I’ve done.

One of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten was many years ago from a friend when she said,

“You know, most people talk about doing things like that, but you actually do them.”

Make no mistake, I’m certainly not fearless but I’ve got a lot of nerve. And being scared of the outcome, of failure, or of what other people will think of me has never stopped me from trying something new anyway.

So to celebrate and observe my 31st birthday this week, here is a list of 31 interesting things I’ve done in my 31 years.

    1. Run a full marathon – 26.2 miles
    2. Started a women’s ministry at the University of Tennessee
    3. Went cage diving with 15 foot sharks in Hawaii
    4. Traveled to Europe
    5. Rowed on a collegiate crew team at the University of Central Florida
    6. Had my first television interview
    7. Lived on a 40-acre farm (and then a 70-acre farm) with horses, fainting goats, a mini donkey, barn cats and of course, Jacksonpic 3
    8. Played on a soccer team for two years with all Guatemalan men that did not speak English
    9. Paid off all of my debt
    10. Ran through fire in the Warrior Dash
    11. Became certified as a professional life and business coach
    12. Gave my life to Christ at Sharp Top Cove, a Young Life Camp when I was 15 years old
    13. Drove 11 hours to Oklahoma with my aunt to buy an awesome Bernese Mountain Dog puppy: Jackson
    14. Went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic
    15. Convinced Dave Ramsey and the leadership team to let me speak for the company before the speaker’s group ever existed (and when I’d never spoken a day in my life)
    16. Served as a Young Life Leader for 10 years to awesome girls
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    17. Took the Donelson YMCA Aquatic Department from a very tough year to being the top rated center in Middle Tennessee in safety and revenues  726203350595   726203320655
    18. Competed in an Olympic Distance Triathlon
    19. Started a side-business (actually two: horse boarding business and years later, a life coaching business)
      pic 1
    20. Competed in a Latin & Ballroom Dance Competition
    21. Went Scuba Diving in Hawaii
    22. Kayaked with manatees
    23. Got my handgun carry permit (and a gun)
    24. Learned how to speak conversational Spanish (See #8)
    25. Got baptized in the Dominican Republic
    26. Went Hang-gliding
    27. Bought a house
    28. Led someone to Christ
    29. Lived on an island in British Columbia, Canada for a month
    30. Spoke to audiences of 2,000 people
    31. Married the love of my life


What’s your list?

I encourage you to make one (even if it’s not your birthday) to remember and celebrate all of the interesting, different, sometimes weird and cool things you’ve done!

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” – J.K. Rowling




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  • Hajara says:

    Christy, I love your list! Your zest for life and willingness to take risks shine through. It’s inspiring, now I must go paragliding, what’s my excuse not to. Your wedding video made me cry! It was very beautiful. May Christ always be the centre of your marriage. Cheers.

  • Hajara says:

    Oh and happy birthday in arrears.

  • That was a super-inspirational post, as was the one you sent out today. You remind me of my 25 year old daughter (even to the point of looking like her, but it’s that blond hair/blue eyed thing). 🙂

    Thanks for reminding us to count our achievements (aka activities/adventures/goals we’ve reached/fun we’ve had). Life is too short not to do this often.


  • Joanna Voss says:

    I turned 31 yesterday, Nov 30 2014. My accomplishments are far different, and seem quite boring, my zest for life is lacking and I would love to expand my Horizons! Though I don’t you know, you seem like a wonderful well rounded woman, who gives me hope of a promising future if I just put myself out there and try!