Get $10 off the 2020 Goal Planner
Get $10 off the 2020 Goal Planner
August 11, 2015

Announcing The Business Boutique!

It’s amazing how God has woven together so many pieces of my story for this new chapter in my life and career. I’m the daughter of two incredibly wise and business-minded entrepreneurs but I'm also a creative at heart so I...

It’s amazing how God has woven together so many pieces of my story for this new chapter in my life and career.

I’m the daughter of two incredibly wise and business-minded entrepreneurs but I’m also a creative at heart so I know first-hand how scary and vulnerable it can be to put yourself out there. My education and degree focused on business and advertising. And in my first “real job,” I worked on building a new organization from scratch and managed a team of 200 people. During my twenties, I started two separate side businesses while continuing my education to become a credentialed and certified business coach. And all of this was before I knew what God was up to!

Now, after two years of focused research on women with side businesses—sorting through thousands of survey responses and having countless one-on-one phone interviews and coaching sessions—I am thrilled that I finally get to announce what I’ve been working on. Today, I’m proud to let you know that we are launching a brand-new event—The Business Boutique! The Business Boutique is where we equip women to make money doing what they love.

Maybe you have an idea that you’re ready to bring to life. Maybe you have a hobby that you’d like to turn into additional income for you and your family. Maybe you’ve already started a side business using your talents and skills. Regardless of where you are in the process, I want to help you grow.

Hundreds of women I have talked to have the passion for what they want to do, but they don’t have a plan. That’s where I come in.

In the coming months, you’ll see the entire look of my website change as well as many new additions, tools, resources and features. But the most exciting of all is the brand-new Business Boutique event that we are launching today!

Christy Wright's Business Boutique

You can do what women all over the country are doing. You can make extra money doing what you love.

At our Business Boutique event here in Nashville on November 6–7, you will get the answer to the question, “What’s next?” This two-day event will feature expert advice that will include:

  • A step-by-step plan to keep you on the right track
  • Answers to your questions on topics such as taxes, business licenses and regulations
  • How to leverage free social media platforms to build your customer base at little to no expense
  • The ins and outs of making money and growing your profits
  • Tips for managing your time and family while running a side business

And that’s just the beginning! You’ll leave this experience with a new outlook on business, a new group of friends, and the answers you need to make your business succeed. Are you in?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

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  • Elise says:

    How fantastic is this! Not only will you be able to help women bring their business goals to life, but you will help give them a sense of empowerment and control that so many of us have never had the experience of feeling!

  • Christy-

    This is Awesome! I’m so excited to watch this grow. This is exactly what business women need!! Nice Job!!

    ~Maria Bosak

  • This looks awesome! Going to have to see if maybe I can work this into my schedule. 🙂

  • Diamond says:

    I just saw this post on Instagram and was immediately drawn in. My mother is preparing to start her own business, and this would be a wonderful opportunity to jump start her vision! I would love to get more information on the costs for registration, hotel info, etc. Thank you!

  • Emily says:

    I called into the Dave Ramsey show but didn’t get on in time. I am so excited for this information! I am bursting with an idea to turn a non-traditional take in a traditional industry, but need a better plan to implement it. Thank you!

  • Kate says:

    Love this idea. Any tips for figuring out what kind of business to start? I have the desire to start a business but don’t know how to apply my skills in a business.

  • Kate says:

    This is such a great idea! Will this be helpful for someone who doesn’t quite know how to apply their skills to a business? I have a desire to start a business but I don’t even know what kind of business to start.

    • Christy Wright says:

      Yes! There are so many people in your shoes. We will spend a little time at the beginning of the event going over that. I also will write some content on that leading up to the event to help you get some ideas before coming. I hope this helps!

  • I would love if you could eventually put something like this online! Living in South Dakota, we don’t get a lot of local opportunities, and I’m not in a position to travel right now. Just some food for thought… 🙂 I’m sure this will be great!

  • Brenda says:

    I would love to attend an event like this, but y’all ? never come to Minneapolis. Have you given any thought to offering a video package of the event?

  • Cheryl Martino says:

    This sounds very exciting. I live in Massachusetts and would love the idea of you doing a webinar. Have you any future plans for something along that idea? Good luck and looking forward to reading all about your ideas and words of wisdom.

  • Brian says:

    I am really hoping you are recording this event to make it an at home package like FPU!

  • Amanda says:

    Oh how I would LOVE to go to your Business Boutique event! My husband has his own business and I homeschool our 4 children. I have always had the entrepreneurial bug but consistency in action is tough for me. Though I have always found ways to make money it’s usually not doing things I LOVE.
    I am actually going to talk to my hubby about going in November. It would be a huge undertaking since we live in southern Arizona, but maybe we could make it work!
    By the way, I just heard the show you did with the Brilliant Business Moms. Great show! Very inspiring!

  • Brittni says:

    I am so so excited for this event. My husband just yesterday was listening to the Entreleadership podcast in which the event was announced and we decided over night for me to go! I haven’t been able to pursue my dreams or ideas in a long time and I can tell there is fear and anxiety keeping me from doing what I am made to do. My sweet husband has blown me away by not just encouraging me to come, but by really inspiring me to get back out there and find my passion. I can’t wait to feel inspired, refueled and to have the tools and knowledge I need to pursue ideas and passions I have had! November can’t come quickly enough!

  • I heard about you listening to Chris brown stewarship radio program thank God for christy wright keep up the good work.

  • Christina D. Trotter says:

    Thank you for all of the great information! Will you be scheduling a Business Boutique in the Washington DC or New York area? My schedule would not permit me to attend the Business Boutique in Nashville. God Bless Christina

  • Cathy Rouse says:

    I would love for this event to come to Denver! I’m looking to start a new business that fits with my family of six. This event would give me a huge leg up on starting out the right way.

  • Mollie says:

    Hello Christy. I am unfortunately unable to come to your Nashville conference due to a prior commitment. I am thinking of starting a business in Kentucky, but have no prior experience. I really need help! Will you be presenting more conferences in the future? Thank you for what you do.

  • ChristineA. says:

    Hi Christy,

    I just heard about your Business Boutique Seminar in November in Nashville. I live on the west coast and am wondering if you will being having the same seminar in California anytime soon? i would love to be an attendee!! Please keep us in mind. Thank you for your business spirit.

  • Shannon says:

    This event has been weighing so heavily on me ever since I heard about it a month ago. Unfortunately I don’t have any PTO to miss work. Would just attending the second day be worth it if I can get to Nashville? Or, any thoughts on 2016 workshops? Thank you!

  • Tamera brown says:

    I’m here at the event so ready to take the steps necessary to move forward in creating the business doing what i love to do and get paid well for it ! That is Gods plan! Thank u for the opportunity!