August 6, 2015

There’s More For You

I always had perfect 20/20 vision. And in case I might have forgotten for some reason, both of my parents regularly boasted, “Well you know you have perfect eyesight, because your dad and I have perfect eyes.” They were so...

I always had perfect 20/20 vision. And in case I might have forgotten for some reason, both of my parents regularly boasted, “Well you know you have perfect eyesight, because your dad and I have perfect eyes.” They were so proud.

I always had friends that wore glasses and contacts, but I never did. Because, of course, I had perfect vision.

One day, when I was in my mid-twenties, I was sitting on my couch at my house with my friend Jill. Jill was wearing her glasses, and so just playing around, I asked to see them. I wanted to see what I would look like with glasses. (This is a strangely common thing for non-glasses-wearing people to do.)

She warned me, “Okay but they are going to hurt your eyes because you don’t need them.”

“I will just wear them for a second,” I assured her.

I put the glasses on and turned to look at the TV that was on the channel menu in front of us.

“OH MY GOSH!” I screamed.

“What?!” Jill asked, obviously concerned.


“What?” she asked confused. “You mean you’ve never been able to read the menu before?!”

“No! This is amazing! I can read all of the channels! I can’t believe it! I have always had to get off of the couch and walk closer to see what was on TV before! I can’t believe I can read it just sitting here! These are magic glasses!”

Jill laughed and said, “No, they are just normal glasses—which apparently you need.”

The next day I set up an appointment with Jill’s eye doctor and was prescribed glasses. For the next several weeks, I was amazed at the world around me. I could read interstate exit signs before I got to them. Trees had actual sharp edges and leaves instead of looking like fuzzy bushes. And, amazingly, I could read the TV channel menu while sitting on my couch! It was a whole new world.

You may think it’s ridiculous that I didn’t realize I needed glasses much sooner. But when you’ve not had an eye test since you were a kid, and your parents regularly told you that you had perfect vision, why would you consider that there was anything wrong? I just assumed everyone saw the same fuzzy world that I did because it was all I had known.

And friends, some of you are living in a fuzzy world and you don’t even realize it, because it’s all you’ve ever known. You are living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by because you’ve never considered there’s another way. You work in a job that drains you because you can’t fathom showing up every day to work that breathes life into you. You’re exhausted trying to keep up with putting everyone else first because you have never learned how to take care of you. You are weighed down by debt because you can’t imagine not having payments. You have a boyfriend that’s “okay” because when you look around you, you realize that that’s “just how guys are.”

But just as I was able to enjoy an entirely new and better world because I discovered that there was something better, you can too. There was more for me than the fuzzy world I had accepted, and there’s more for you, too.

Just because something is all you’ve ever known doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be. You can learn how to manage your money so that the lack of it isn’t always managing you. You can start searching for a new career path that uses your strengths and brings you joy. You can carve out time to take care of yourself so that you are more rested, renewed and reenergized. You can pay off your debts and break the cycle of payments that’s been holding you back. You can refuse to settle in your relationships and rest in the truth that God’s best is out there and He is always worth the wait.

Whatever your fuzzy world looks like for you, my prayer is that you consider the possibility that there is more for you. Simply considering the possibility can birth hope—a hope that changes your choices and leads to a whole new world for you—a world with sharp edges, a bank account that doesn’t stress you out, a job that doesn’t feel like work, and a spouse that’s more than you could’ve asked for or imagined.

There’s more for you, friends. There’s more.

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  • Dot says:

    Oh, thank oyu so much for confirming what God has closed the door on. You see a few months ago my supervisor told me, “maybe this job isn’t the right fit.” What? Okay, I settled down I just asked to be prepared for the next job in my heart. What was stirring within me? Then, my “raise” was pennies, yet I thought I was valued (even though my supervisor said otherwise). Okay, God. My resume is being prepared and I am ready for the door to open, in your perfect timing. At 59, and an only parent, like sure looks different. Thank you again, for encouraging me.

  • Elise says:

    It made me smile to read this, as I had a similar revelation last year. I couldn’t believe that with glasses I didn’t have to squint to see my daughter perform at her school concerts or I wasn’t panicked when I had to drive in the rain because the reflection off the pavement was too much for my eyes. And to take the metaphor even further, I’m realizing, one compartment of life at a time, that God didn’t create and design the things in my life to be fuzzy; He wants them to be crystal clear, day in and day out.

    Thank you, Christy, for your words of wisdom and encouragement!

  • Marnie says:

    I have my glasses now. Do you have a nervous mother’s stomach? Now that I am a mother of two children I always have this feeling of anxiety in my stomach.

  • I am stepping forward in faith to learn to write copy for Christian business, ministries, churches, etc. I am so thrilled that I can actually use my gift to encourage people to follow God and do their part – to change the world in some small way! I’d given up on that long ago. Loving my new “glasses”!

  • jm says:

    Irony: this page is in a difficult to read font-face that is too small and does not have sufficient contrast between text color and background to pass either WCAG test, LOL! Fortunately I know how to “inspect element” and correct these problems for my own personal reading. I’m sad for non-programmers who cannot.

  • Suzy says:

    Great story. That example applies to so many areas of our lives. Amazing how parents, in trying to lift up and positively impact the self esteem of a child, can actually impede the child’s self awareness and necessity of self examination, to actually identify problems, and find solutions, to live a far better and crystal clear view of Life, itself! Beautiful story. And a perfect example of “The truth will set you free”. Thank you!!

  • Carter says:

    I had tears in my eyes as I read this. My employment situation is incredibly challenging right now and as much as I’m doing to make a difference for myself and for those around me, not much seems to be working. So, as I continue to keep my chin up and do everything I can to make a difference, this was a very good email to read this morning. Really struck a chord. Thank you for all that you do. I’m grateful for your words of wisdom and encouragement every day!