October 1, 2015

Stop Being Mean

Recently, I wrote this above my bathroom mirror: Stop being mean to your body. I’m not saying I harm my body, like by smoking for example. I’m talking about mean like the movie Mean Girls—like hateful mean, like talk bad...

Recently, I wrote this above my bathroom mirror:

Stop being mean to your body.

I’m not saying I harm my body, like by smoking for example. I’m talking about mean like the movie Mean Girls—like hateful mean, like talk bad about my body every single day mean.

I noticed a pattern not long ago where every thought I had about myself was something mean. My hair, my stomach, my skin, my arms—nothing was ever good enough.

Every day when I would finish getting ready, I would leave the bathroom mirror and think, “This will have to do.” I started every day with the voice of defeat.

Then one day as I was walking out, I felt God put me in my place and remind me:

“Christy, your body is powerful and strong and beautiful. Please stop being so mean to it.”

I wrote that statement on my mirror to remind me.

Stop being mean to your body.

But it’s not just me—I know that you do it as well. And it doesn’t matter what you look like, because this same dissatisfaction plagues so many of us regardless of age or appearance.

And it’s not just about our bodies—it’s about everything: our abilities, work, house, family, and choices. Nothing is good enough, and we are our own worst critics. We are simultaneously the impossible-to-please master and the unworthy, inadequate servant.

I love the quote by Brené Brown that says “Talk to yourself like you would someone you love.”

Yes, friends. Yes.

Whether it’s a reminder on your mirror, desk, or phone, let’s remember who we are. Let’s remember that God created us beautiful and unique and wonderful and worthy. And guess what? He doesn’t make mistakes!

Whether it’s about your body or your business, your priorities or your parenting, let’s stop being mean. Instead, let’s do our best to start loving the woman in the mirror.

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  • Life is about Accountability, Responsibilty and Choice. Yesterday is History, tomorrow is a Mystery, today is the Present, and that is our Gift! With God in your life, today will always be your greatest gift!!!

  • Dot says:

    Thank you for giving me encouraging words. Especially, to be posted on my bathroom mirror where I say those kinds of things to me. When my husband died 7 yrs ago I believe the most difficult thing was that I would no longer hear him tell me I looked lovely, can get so much done, etc. Jesus has been a great Husband to me but I still tell myself some of those things. Thank you for telling me. It is going up tonight when I get home from work.

  • A.S. says:

    Having a daughter has been the best thing that happened to me. I never, NEVER want her to hear my negativity toward my or any other body as the voice in her head. After stopping myself from speaking negatively about bodies for a few years, I realized that I’ve started to feel more positive as well.

  • Jennifer says:

    The way we talk to ourselves is shameful and shaming- we treat ourselves like our own worst enemy- but I don’t think we realize it. Another thing we need to learn to do (and feel free to write a blog about this-) is learn to take a compliment.. by just saying Thank You… someone says our hair looks great and we say, “no, I really need a haircut- or are you serious?”

  • Nathan S. says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. It doesn’t apply only to women, either. It’s easy for me to do the exact same sorts of body self-shaming. The voice in your head can be the toughest boss you’ll ever have if you let it, and I think you’re dead right that this is not a good thing. Self-shaming then seems like it leads to two other unhealthy activities: comparison and perfectionism. But now I’m just over-analyzing (like I do).