November 12, 2015

What I Learned From Being a Proud Parent

One of the things that new moms always say about their baby is “I’m so proud to be her mom.” I’ve had about 12 friends have new babies in the last year alone, and I swear every single one of...

What I Learned From Being A Proud Parent

One of the things that new moms always say about their baby is “I’m so proud to be her mom.” I’ve had about 12 friends have new babies in the last year alone, and I swear every single one of them have said this. “I’m so proud to be Ellie’s mom.” “I’m so proud to be Finn’s mom.” “I’m so proud to be Annie’s mom.”

I used to think this was so weird.

I mean, of all of the things they could say, they go on and on about how proud that they are to be that specific human being’s mom. Their baby is just a baby. They hadn’t accomplished much yet in their tiny life to deserve this beaming pride, and to me, their baby was like every other baby. Sure, I know she was proud because that child was hers, but I just figured you’d say something else more applicable, like, “I’m so excited to have a baby!” I always found it interesting—and strange—that moms always said this about their child. They are all just so proud to be their baby’s mom.

Then I became a mom. And everything changes when you become a mom. You begin to understand things that you never understood before.

I am just so proud to be Carter’s mom! I feel like I’m going to explode with pride, and there is nothing more amazing in my life or impressive that I’ve ever done that even comes close to how I feel about being Carter’s mom. And not anyone’s mom—Carter’s mom. Everything I’ve ever done in my life pales in comparison to this honor that I have.

Last week, as I was in my bathroom putting on makeup for the day, I was thinking about how weird I used to think this was and how much I understood it now. As my mind wandered to how amazing and perfect Carter is and how proud I am to be his mom, I heard God’s still, small voice interrupt my thoughts and say this:

Christy, do you want to know something? That’s how I feel about you.

Y’all. I’m fighting back tears as I write this even now.

Can you imagine that? Most days, honestly, I can’t. I know intellectually and in my heart that God loves me but until that very moment, I don’t think I had ever really considered that He was proud of me. And not an obligatory kind of pride either. He is genuinely proud of me. And He’s proud of you.

Being a type-A, hard-driving, achiever-type myself, I need that reminder. I spend most of my days beating myself up for everything I haven’t done so when that still, small voice whispered when I least expected it, it was water to my soul and a sigh of deep relief. I’m so proud of you. You don’t have to perform, and you don’t have to try to earn it. Right now, today, exactly where you are, God is so proud of you.

The God of the Universe, the One who put the stars in the sky, knows you by name. Like your tiny baby, even though you haven’t accomplished anything and even though there are billions of other people in the world, God wants you to know this:

You want to know something about that overwhelming, beaming, about-to-explode pride? That’s how I feel about you.

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  • Rachel Lester says:

    Love this post! It reminds me of Ellie Holcomb’s story from Business Boutique where she had an a-ha! Jesus moment in the tiny bathroom of her tour bus when God spoke to her and said not to worry about her daughter, because her daughter is HIS daughter, and “you’re my daughter, too”. Ahhh makes me tear up just thinking about it. Thanks to both of you again for doing the event, it was truly life-changing!

  • Dana says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting that and I burst into tears when I read that My Father is proud of me. Thank you for posting. Still wiping the tears away…

  • Callie says:

    How true this is. Just the same as the “I Saw That” look that we give our kids when they are acting up. It is comforting to know that God gives us both of these looks. One to keep us on track and the other to remind us that we are loved no matter what.

  • Heather aka HoJo says:

    I can relate! Every since having my son, I’ve had a few of those moments as well. It’s crazy how someone so small can have such a huge impact and bring me closer to God. I’ve written a few of these metaphors on my blog, so I can totally relate to what you’re talking about as well!