There's hope in the chaos.
There's hope in the chaos.
June 9, 2016

There’s No Such Thing as Ready

The theme I hear in many of my coaching sessions is the same: Clients don’t think they’re ready. They use excuses like “I need more time,” “I don’t have enough experience,” or “I’m not qualified.” But if I’ve learned anything...

The theme I hear in many of my coaching sessions is the same: Clients don’t think they’re ready. They use excuses like “I need more time,” “I don’t have enough experience,” or “I’m not qualified.”

But if I’ve learned anything in my career, it’s that there’s no such thing as ready.

When I walked on my first stage to give a talk as a paid professional public speaker, I was 26 years old and way out of my league. I was speaking to an audience full of people 20–30 years older than me. I was unqualified, inexperienced and absolutely scared out of my mind.

But I walked out there anyway. I smiled, held my head high and spoke with confidence as if I had been doing it my whole life. I just did it scared.

The truth is that if you’re waiting until you’re no longer scared to put yourself out there, you’ll never put yourself out there. And if you’re waiting until you have a foolproof plan to launch your project, you’ll never launch it.

Starting something new is risky and uncomfortable. But the people who win in business and life do it anyway. Yes, you will fail sometimes. I have. Yes, people will criticize you sometimes. They criticize me daily. But you can’t do anything great without failure and criticism. In fact, these are good signs you’re actually doing something right.

Instead of waiting for the mythical “ready” to arrive, just go for it.

There are people who need what you have to offer today. So put yourself out there and try something. See what sticks. Fall down, get back up, and do it again.

Go for it and act like you’ve been doing it your whole life—ready or not.


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  • Andy Adams says:

    Thanks for this post. I have a behavioral based interview coming up shortly which I hate. I am not good at those but after reading your post I’m just going for it! Thanks again, your posts inspire me.

  • Dot says:

    How very true!!! Thank you for the push . . . Asking the LORD to direct my steps. I am willing, but the door needs to open. And God is NEVER late, as you know. Hope you are feeling well and getting sleep. I know you will do well when your labor starts. Remind yourself of the days of training as an athlete. Blessings

  • Karen says:

    Not feeling ready or equipped keeps me from doing a lot of things that I’d really like to do. Thanks for the reminder that nobody really has it together when they start out.

  • Rebecca Brown says:

    I was given your website by a random friend… I have been praying for people and knowledge… I can’t stop reading your posts and LOVE them!!! Thanks so much!!!! You are making a difference!

  • Jennifer Haston says:

    Great post Christy! Wonderful advice! Do it before you are ready. I did my first of several seminars for 130 people and I was SCARED out of my mind but it actually went really well and I shudder to think if I had said “no” when offered the opportunity!

  • Aurela Beqari says:

    I was just giving your website by my brother, which is a huge fan of what you do as I am thinking of opening my own business.
    This is what u needed to hear today. Perfect timing. I know “there are people that need what I can offer today”. Very powerful. Thank you. Love your website. Can’t wait to read more!

  • Mary Jo says:

    Hey Christy,
    Great post. Here is a thought for an article:
    You charge a low price for your product and then you lower your quality and get stuck there. I’m so tired and so busy and I feel like I can only live up to this low price that I charge. Its a terrible place to be and such a depressing way to run the business I love. I wish I had the nerve to raise my prices and actually live up to my personal standard of excellence. What has happened to me! Ug!! I am so tired!!