September 1, 2016

How Blogging Fits In

I know that blogging isn’t for everyone. And if you don’t have a purpose or a plan for how blogging fits into your business, then it’s definitely not for you! (That is unless you just want to blog for fun...

How Blogging Fits In

I know that blogging isn’t for everyone. And if you don’t have a purpose or a plan for how blogging fits into your business, then it’s definitely not for you! (That is unless you just want to blog for fun as a hobby, then by all means!) If you do decide to use a blog as a platform to build or grow your business, then there are a few things you need to consider:


First, you need good content. Like Ree Drummond, your blog posts need to be about things you are known for. This will help establish you as an expert in your field as well as build relationships with your followers and potential customers. And it needs to follow the rules for good content:

It should be relevant and current.

It should be interesting.

It should do something for the reader.


Second, you need a schedule. Will you blog once per week or once per day? You want to be talking to your readers often. Planning your posting frequency ahead of time will not only keep you accountable in maintaining the blog, but it will also train your readers when to expect new content from you. Blogging is like any relationship: If you want it to be good, you’ve got to invest in it and communicate consistently.

Writing Ahead

Additionally, you need to write ahead. For example, if you decide to post every Friday, but wait until Thursday night to sit down and write, you’ll put incredible pressure on yourself to come up with something amazing in the eleventh hour. It takes the fun out of writing and the quality of your posts will suffer. Writing is something that takes focus and momentum. Most people can’t “squeeze in” a blog post in 30 minutes or try to tackle it on and off throughout a day. It’s hard to make any progress that way.

One way to stay ahead of your writing is to write multiple blogs in one sitting. Consider blocking out an entire day or two a month to write several blogs. Then you will have them ready to post and you won’t have to worry about coming up with ideas on time, when you might be tired, uninspired or just not in a writing mood.

If you have good content and can maintain a regular posting schedule, blogging can be a great way to build a relationship with your customers, grow your brand, and as a result, generate sales!


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    • Jo says:

      Would you give me your opinion? I have a blog, have had for 6 years I think. It’s kind if all over the place and I’ve have not been consistent though I do have some followers. I’m trying now to be consistent and focused. Should I continue with the current blog or start a new one?

      • Lila says:

        Hey Jo, my suggestion is to niche down. Blogs that are all over the place usually don’t get traction. What do you love the most? What can you not stop talking about? What stirs your passion?

        I’ve seen some pretty weird niches succeed because the bloggers did niche down and their topic was their passion. You’re bound to work hard if you actually love your niche.

        Try reading the book, “how to blog for profit without selling your soul” by Ruth Soukup. That book helped me tremendously.

  • Kathleen says:

    I’ve recently started a blog to share information on life as a modern homesteader. I started this because I was flooded with messages asking how we do certain things such as freezer organization, recipes, and animal care. My question is how do people make money off of a blog?

    • Lila says:

      The best way to learn about making money from a blog is to read a book on blogging, there are several of them, and they go deep. Generally there are several ways:

      -Affiliate Links
      -Ads (besides adsense)
      -Sponsored posts
      -Selling products/services via your blog

  • JenniferDamman says:

    I am considering starting my own blog (even with never really reading them myself). Are there particular sights you would suggest over others? Are free sights less appealing?