September 27, 2016

Simple Accounting Tips You Can Do Right Now

Establishing a system of accounting is vital to the success of any organization, large or small.

Simple Accounting Tips You Can Do Right Now

I’m excited to introduce you to Chad McKinney, a CPA and friend of Business Boutique.  He wanted to share some tips that will make life easier when it comes time for you to connect with a tax pro.  Enjoy this guest post from Chad!


Running a business without a timely and accurate accounting system is the equivalent of going to school without getting a report card at the end of each period. You won’t have a good idea of how you performed, where you excelled, or where you have opportunities for improvement. Establishing a system of accounting is vital to the success of any organization, large or small. Here are a few tips:

1) If you don’t already have one, establish a relationship with a qualified accounting and tax professional now. You’re looking for someone with the heart of a teacher.

2) Keep everything. Too much information is better than not enough when it comes to accounting.

3) Document everything! If you take a client to lunch, write on that receipt who the client was. Keep a notebook in your car or an Excel spreadsheet to track the miles you drove going to that lunch.

4) Track everything! Select an accounting software solution that works for you. Keep it current. Ask your accountant for guidance and reconciliation. And if you don’t have time, find someone who does, even if you have to pay them.

Need help getting started? Make your life easier and contact one of Dave’s Endorsed Local Providers to find a trusted tax pro in your area today!

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    1. Michael says:

      Sorry I was looking at this site for my mother but I came across your post. I follow Dave Ramsey and one can look in to freshbooks. It is a cloud accounting software for small businesses that Dave Ramsey endorses because of its ease of use for generating invoices and tracking expenses. Good luck!

    2. Zana says:

      I like and use Quickbooks online. It allows you to create invoices, reminds you about past due payments, allows you to invite your accountant to view your info and much more.

  1. Michael James says:

    Informative write-up! Running your own business is no small feat. I agree with you that the first thing we all have to do is proper business planning and keeping all the records up-to-date.