June 20, 2017

Why You Should Speak Up More

Saying what no one else is willing to say will pay off in the end.

Why You Should Speak Up More

A couple months ago I was at dinner with some new friends—new as in, I’d only met them two or three times before. There were about six of us sitting around the dinner table, and about halfway through the meal, the girl sitting next to me discreetly whispered, “Hey… you have some lipstick on your teeth.” I immediately took my napkin and wiped off my teeth, thanking her profusely for letting me know.

At the end of the night, can you guess—out of that whole group of people—who I liked the most? Who I trusted and respected the most?

It was the girl willing to tell me I had lipstick on my teeth!

In this video below, I’ll explain why people value honesty above almost anything else. And why saying what no one else is willing to say will pay off in the end!

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  • Roxanne Sullivan says:

    Thank you on the self-care article. So many times I’ve taken care of everyone else that I didn’t take the time to make myself feel good and look nice…..it’s time to change that!

    On another note, I have a baking business idea and have done market research and reciprecipe testing, but the county requirements make it cost prohibitive for me to start out. We’re not allowed to bake at home and my allergy-free baking can’t be done in a rented kitchen that has allergens. Any ideas?