July 6, 2017

When to Backfill Your Weaknesses

When Matt and I got engaged, I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into by planning a wedding.

How to backfill your weaknesses

When Matt and I got engaged, I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into by planning a wedding. I thought:

How hard can this be? It’s like planning a big party, and I love to plan parties. Why would anyone pay for a wedding planner? What a waste of money when you can just save that money and do it yourself! Why do people get so stressed? It’s supposed to be a happy time—what’s the big deal?

Well, I was wrong.

So, so, so wrong.

It’s more than just party planning—it’s researching florists and scheduling vendor arrival times and making hotel reservations. And do you know how much math and critical thinking goes into the seating chart?

I felt discouraged so many times during the wedding planning process because I realized that I just wasn’t good at it. I’d never done it before (and I hope, dear Lord, that I’ll never be doing it again). When I finally realized that, I did what I now encourage all of my girlfriends to do: I hired a wedding planner.

Backfilling your weaknesses is something I teach all the time now. You’re going to be your best—and your business is going to have a stronger chance of succeeding—if you just focus on leveraging your strengths.

So think about all of the items on your to-do list that you don’t enjoy, that you don’t excel at, that are not effortless, and that just plain drain you. For those tasks you dread or just aren’t good at, find someone who can help in that area. When you have someone else filling in your gaps, you’re allowing both of you to work in your strengths!

One of the areas I see my readers struggling with is creating their business website. I get questions about this all the time! There are many different routes you can go and millions of how-tos you’ll find online, but if you’d rather just hand it off and come back to a finished product, consider outsourcing it.

I love the girls over at Hooked On Code—a women-owned-and-run website creation company. They offer different options based on the level of assistance you need. They can build you a fully customized, modern website or you can take their Build Your Own Website Course if you want to learn it yourself!

You don’t know what you don’t know. I want you to get the help you need so that, like my whole wedding-planning ordeal, you can focus on doing the things you love!

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