August 3, 2017

How to Come Up With Content Ideas

Sometimes responding to a question is easier than thinking of the idea on your own. It’s a little mind trick to get your wheels turning and your content cranking out.

Even though I have 100 ideas per minute, sometimes I find myself staring at a blank page and a blinking (tormenting) cursor on my screen . . . and I’ve got nothing. Sometimes I’m tired, or cranky, or uninspired and the well is just running dry. During those times, as you know all too well, deadlines are still due! So how do you come up with content ideas when you are drawing nothing more than a blank?

One trick that I use often to get inspired is to ask myself questions. Sometimes responding to a question is easier than thinking of the idea on your own. It’s a little mind trick to get your wheels turning and your content cranking out.

To help you with this, here are ten questions you can ask yourself to come up with content ideas.

1. What do my customers ask me often?
My example: What do I do if someone is already doing what I want to do? My answer in this post.

2. What subjects could I talk about over and over and never get tired of?
My example: Marketing and selling. Examples in these posts.

3. What do friends ask me advice about?
My example: How do I find my business idea? My answer in this post.

4. What fears do my customers have?
My example: I’m scared but I’m not sure if it’s fear or wisdom. How do I tell the difference? My answer:

5. What are the top challenges my readers face?
My example: Not having a plan, fear, marketing and selling, money management, life balance, and the business side of things. Examples of these posts are all over this site!

6. How would I explain what my business does to someone that has never heard of it?
My example: Start at the beginning of how easy it is to start a business right now.

7. What is going on in the news or headlines that relate to my business?
This article was just released that 44 million Americans have side businesses. You can expect to see content about that from me on that soon!

8. What lists or steps would be helpful for my audience?
My example: Here are five steps to turn your idea into a business. Or, this one you’re reading right now.

9. What motivates and drives my audience? What excites them?
My example: Freedom, flexibility, making an impact, and doing what they love. You also see examples of this all throughout this site, but here’s one example.

10. What can I uniquely offer?
My example: Relatability. I constantly hear from readers that they feel like I am their best friend, which is the best compliment. There are examples of my relatability (translation: real life) in posts like this and this.

There you have it! There are ten questions to get your ideas flowing. Once you get started, I can tell you from experience, it’s hard to stop! What questions would you add to spark content ideas?

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