August 10, 2017

Making Your Business Stand Out

Every interaction someone has with your brand should be similar to the experience they have with your product or service.

Making Your Business Stand Out

A while back, I coached a woman who was just getting her wedding planning business off the ground. As she researched her competition and filled out her SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), she noticed that while there were a few other established event planners doing what she wanted to do in her small town, her competitors’ websites looked outdated. Their websites were kind of ugly, their font choices were “fancy” but hard to read, and their photos were low-resolution and pixelated. These businesses had been around for years and years, and probably had lots of experience, but they just weren’t representing themselves well online.

I told her that one way to get attention and stand out among the competition was to have a website that provided a better user experience. These days, a website needs to be attractive, with a clear call-to-action and Pinterest-worthy images. The look, tone, and feel should make your audience feel something—as in one cohesive feeling, not a bunch of random things like Aunt Lucy’s yard sale.

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So I helped my wedding planner connect with a graphic designer. I knew an awesome graphic designer would have the ability to take her brand to the next level, because a designer is able to take the intangible and hard-to-describe elements of your brand and create something your audience can connect with!

I know there are some great templates you can download and predesigned prototypes that come with web platforms, and that’s the easiest way to get started! But if your product or service is really unique, your website and promotional materials should be unique, too. A template is a one-size-fits-all solution, but your business has nuances—and a great designer will leverage them.

It’s like when I was shopping for wedding invitations. I could have bought some perfectly acceptable invitations at Target, and they would have served the purpose of informing my guests what time and where to show up. But I didn’t buy my wedding invitations at Target, because I wanted to create a unique experience and tell a story from the moment our guests opened their envelopes. I was just like so many brides who want their wedding to stand out.

Every interaction someone has with your brand should be similar to the experience they have with your product or service, and a graphic designer can help you nail that down. And because they have so much experience in an area you probably don’t, their expertise will help you avoid a slew of pitfalls. Color theory, typography, and brand consistency are all very real things a graphic designer is actually trained in!

If you are looking for a graphic design team that does excellent work, I recommend Becky’s Graphic Design. They will work with you on creating a logo, business cards, printed promotional materials and, of course, your website! They’re good friends of Business Boutique, and you can check out their extensive portfolio here.

Let an amazing graphic designer work in their strengths so you can work in yours!

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