December 21, 2017

Why the Business Boutique Event Is My Favorite Thing All Year

5 reasons why this is the best thing I get to do.

Why the Business Boutique Event Is MY Favorite Thing All Year
  1. I finally get to see all of your beautiful faces, live and in person!
  1. I get to introduce you to some of my favorite people—who just so happen to be some of the most dynamic, insightful speakers in the world. (Oh, hey, Dave Ramsey!)
  1. You get to share (and show off!) what you’re working on.
  1. God shows up in big ways at every event—and no one (including me) leaves unchanged.
  1. Connecting with you and your dream is what keeps me going until the next time we’re together.

I’d love to see you at our Business Boutique Conference! In just three days, you’ll come away with the essentials you need to start or grow your business. Let’s make 2019 the year that changes everything for you and your dream.

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  • Natalie Harwood says:

    Hi there, I’m so inspired by everything you’re doing. I live in New Zealand but will be in the US in December. Will there be any business boutique events happening?


  • Maggie Horlander says:

    Hi Christy! Thank you for all of the info and motivation you provide. Love your podcasts! Hoping you will have another 3 day Business Boutique event in Nashville in 2018. Currently I am in the dreamer stage but have a goal. My daughters are dreamers too and we would love to get our dreams off the ground. Please consider having another 3 day event ! Thanks for all you do!!

  • marlene ward says:

    I see three business boutiques in Mar/April… how about any coming up later in year…closer to Cleveland Ohio?

    I would like to have my niece attend. I gave her your book for Christmas. She loves it! I even got one for me. Truly enjoy it.


    Marlene Ward

    • Naomi Parton says:

      Hi Marlene! We’d love to have your niece at a Business Boutique event. The BB1D events this spring are our only traveling events this year. Then, we’ll have our 3-day event in Nashville this November!