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October 24, 2018

Setting Goals for the Season You’re In

Instead of imposing a rigidly fixed formula on yourself 12 months a year, set goals based on the season you're in.

Focus On One Thing at a Time

“Life balance isn’t doing everything for an equal amount of time. It’s about doing the right things at the right time.”

I teach this on stage during my Life Balance talk, but the principle is true for time management, goal-setting, or anything in life. I think we get so fixated on formulas and equality and “balance” that we miss a major factor that makes us successful: focus.

Focus in one area is the opposite of balance when you think about it. It’s saying you’re deliberately weighing the scale on one side more than the other. Instead of dividing your time equally (translation: diluting your effort, energy, and productivity), you’re going to focus on one major thing at a time.

This is what I do and this is exactly how I set goals.

Consider What Season You’re In

I set goals in relation to the particular season that I’m in more than I do a particular formula that applies all year long.

For example,
My fall is always crazy with travel.
My holiday season is always light.
My spring ramps up again with crazy travel and work projects.
And my summer scales back.

So instead of imposing a rigidly fixed formula on myself 12 months a year, I set goals based on the season I am in. I have big work goals in the fall and spring, and I give myself grace for things I miss out on with my boys during that time. I get resourceful, let things go, and ask for help for things I can’t keep up with on my own like housework or home-cooked meals during those seasons.

Life balance isn’t doing everything for an equal amount of time. It’s about doing the right things at the right time.

In the winter and summer though, I take a ton of time off and take my foot off the gas at work. I make the most of every moment with my family whether that’s touring giant gingerbread houses and drinking hot chocolate during Christmas or fishing off the dock and tubing behind the boat during the summer. I work hard during the work seasons and play hard during the play seasons. I ride the wave of the season I’m in, and it works really great for me.

I think people miss the importance of the seasons. Even if your business isn’t as seasonal as mine is, there’s probably some seasonality to your life. Maybe you’re in a retail business and your Christmas season is the exact opposite of mine: it’s insanely busy. Maybe you’re on a fall and spring semester calendar with your school-aged kids. Regardless of what seasonality you experience in your life or your business, I want to encourage you to set goals that go with the season, rather than against it. How can you create focus in a particular area of your life when it matters the most, and switch gears to focus on something else when it naturally makes sense?

Go With the Flow

Set goals that go with the flow, rather than against it. I think you’ll find when you do that, you get the best of both worlds. You experience the benefits of focus and momentum during the season that you’re in, and at the same time, you create balance as you switch gears over the course of a year.

Remember, life balance isn’t doing everything for an equal amount of time. It’s about doing the right things at the right time.


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  • Charisse says:

    I’ve been on the search for 2 months for a good business/life planner, and now I think I have finally found the one I want!!! Thank you so much! I Love your podcasts, so to see this, I knew I was the right planner for me.

  • Candle Barnes says:

    I had never heard of business boutique before February of this year. My husband was currently deployed and during that time frame, after a year of rambling on about this dream, I decided I was going to launch my blog. In sharing my dreams and goals with my husband, being the man that he is, he started doing research about things to help me act on my dreams. He sent me the link to business boutique and said “Babe, you should register for this and go.” I replied with oh this looks great. It would be good for me to attend but I did not register. Well a few weeks later he reminded me. I didn’t register. Finally one last time he sent me a message and said “Babe, please register for this conference.” And so I did and convinced one of my best friends, who’s a fashion designer, to do the same. At the last minute she couldn’t make it. So I had to determine what I was going to do as I had already booked the room and flight. My husband once again says “You should go alone. You can do it.” So after much thought and going back and forth I did come alone. Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. What you’ve put together and the tools, opportunities and encouragement is nothing short of amazing. God has spoken to me so much over the last few days. He’s answered so many questions for me and given me a peace about things just from attending this conference, listening to your stories and the stories of so many other brave women like yourself! I have been so emotional all weekend because for the first time in my 36 years of life I feel like I’ve walked into my purpose. I understand my dream and why God has given it to me. I’m leaving here motivated and empowered but more importantly scared. And I’m doing it scared. Thank you for listening to God and stepping out of what may have been your comfort zone and creating this magnificent resource for women to learn and thrive from. God Bless you!