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Feb 11, 2016
Say This, Not That

I think we all want to come off as kind, caring, helpful people. But sometimes despite our best efforts, the reactions we evoke from others...

Dec 19, 2017
The Secret Kind of Snob

I’ve noticed a theme of arrogance lately—but what’s weird about it is that it seems to be a socially acceptable kind of arrogance. Here’s what...

Dec 29, 2016
Say It Out Loud This Year

I love the New Year. With the turn of a calendar, you get something that almost everyone appreciates: a fresh start. It’s a great time...

Mar 10, 2016
Say What They’re Thinking

Here’s a scenario that happens all the time. I bust into Jeremy’s office (my leader) and shout excitedly and entirely too loud, “Hey Jeremy! I...