There's hope in the chaos.
There's hope in the chaos.
Builder Dreamer Starter

You've got the passion, we've got the plan.

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Louisville, KY
April 24, 2018

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Nashville, TN
November 1-3, 2018

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Hi friends, I’m Christy! For years I’ve been part of Dave Ramsey’s team, coaching business leaders all over the country. But it was growing up watching my mom run her bakery that really ignited a fire in me to help women make money doing what they love. That’s why I created Business Boutique.

I’ve seen so many women step into their God-given gifts, overcome fear, and make money by living their dream. Here’s the best part: You can too!

At Business Boutique, you’ll come away with a business plan you can put into action right away. We’ll cover topics like marketing and selling, budgeting and pricing, social media, life balance, and so much more. Trust me, there’s nothing else out there like this and I’ve seen the results firsthand.

I believe you can do this, and that’s why we made this event specifically for you.

You'll learn how to:

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  • Create a Business Plan

    By the end of the event, you’ll have a written, actionable plan to help you achieve your unique goals.
  • Maximize Marketing

    Our expert speakers will help you connect with your audience using practical tips and user-friendly tools.
  • Sell Without Feeling Slimy

    We’ll teach you how to serve your customer rather than sell to them.
  • Manage Your Cash Flow

    We’ll take the guesswork out of what you should charge, how much to put aside for taxes, and budgeting for your business.
  • Overcome Fear

    You’ll get inspired to answer God’s calling, overcome difficulty, and actually do this thing!
  • And so much more!

Which phase are you in?

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  • Dreamer

    You're a Dreamer if... you want to do something, but you’re not sure what. Maybe you don’t have an idea and you’re trying to find one or maybe just the opposite! You have 100 ideas and you need help narrowing it down. I know at this phase you may hesitate to spend money on yourself and your dream. But I want you to know that you’re not alone. In fact, over half of our community has attended our events as Dreamers and are now turning their idea into a real business.

  • Starter

    You're a Starter if... you’ve got your idea and you’re trying to get it off the ground. Maybe you’re in the planning phase or maybe you’ve been making money for several months now. You need a plan to really get this thing going. You need expert advice on how to start marketing, selling, and growing what you’ve started to the level you want. Starters are right at home because at Business Boutique we’ll give you all of that and more.

  • Builder

    You're a Builder if... you’ve got a business and have been running it for one year or more. Our Dream Team of expert speakers will coach you on topics like managing your business finances, creating multiple streams of income, building your version of life balance, and much more. We’ll have breakouts specifically for your stage of business focused on hiring, firing, delegating, growing, scaling and expanding.

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