How it all started

How I got started is really the story of how my mom got started. My mom opened a little cake shop when I was just 6 months old to support me. Growing up in the cake shop (literally at times!) and watching my mom use her gifts and chase her dreams is what has inspired me my entire life to do the same.

I was 23 when I started my first side business. Like many of you, it started with something I had always loved: horses. I loved horses from as far back as I can remember and I always wanted to live on a farm “one day.”

When I saw an ad in the paper for a 40-acre farm for rent, I saw it as a gateway to the life I had always wanted. It included an 11-stall barn where I knew I could start a business boarding horses. I didn’t have anyone to instruct or guide me. There were no books to read on the subject at the time. I didn’t know what I was doing, but like many of the women I now coach, I made it up as I went!

That’s why the Business Boutique is so important.

I want to help women like me, women like my mom, and women like you. It’s a powerful thing to see women step into their God-given gifts. We are creating a movement of women making money doing what they love. And the best part is that this is just the beginning!

About Christy

Christy Wright is a versatile and sought-after speaker who connects with audiences in a way few people can. As a Ramsey Personality and Certified Business Coach, she travels the country educating and entertaining people at national business conferences as well as Fortune 500 companies, and she has addressed students and faculty alike at some of the country’s top universities.

Christy’s experience as an entrepreneur and leader allows her to connect with women and give them practical advice and solutions for their personal and professional development. She has touched the lives of thousands with her inspiring and thought- provoking messages on topics including life balance, leadership and goal setting.

Christy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee. She and her husband, Matt, live in Brentwood, Tennessee, with their sons, Carter and Conley.

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