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You can do this. You just need what everyone needs to be successful: help! The Academy is here for you. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running a business for years, you’ll find the tools, training, and support you need to make money doing what you love.

Here's How It Works


Live Coaching

Mark your calendars every month for live group-coaching sessions with Christy Wright! The Academy is the only place Christy offers coaching and works on your business with you. Just log in to the live stream and ask your questions!


Business Health Check

Keep a pulse on the overall health of your business with this monthly assessment. We’ll help you evaluate the four most important areas: Marketing and Sales, Time Management, Operations, and of course, Money Management. You’ll take this each month and receive a personalized Business Score with ideas for improvement.


Video Training Library

In this comprehensive collection of training videos, Christy walks you step by step through everything you need to launch or grow your business and reach your goals. New videos are added regularly along with downloadable lesson resources that help you apply what you’ve learned.


Planning Center

As you complete the action steps from each video lesson, your responses are automatically saved in the Planning Center. The Planning Center stores and organizes your responses and creates your very own Business Handbook!


The Community

The community is where you meet and connect with thousands of other women on the same journey as you. You can get advice and feedback while sharing your progress and celebrating your successes. This is a place full of energy, excitement, and encouragement from women who are out there making things happen!

“Business Boutique not only gives you the tools to start or grow your business, it empowers you to know you can do this!”

Melissa, Indiana


The Academy

If you’re ready to take your business further, the Academy offers training, tools, and encouragement. This is your destination to launch or grow your business.

Get two months free when you make a one-time $489 payment. Enjoy the benefits all year long!
  • Business Health Check
  • Video Training Library
  • Planning Center
  • The Community