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The Academy is where you get the help you need to win.

There’s never been a better time to band together with other women on the same journey as you to get the help you need to set yourself up to win in the future. Don’t miss your chance to join this incredible community of women—women who are on a journey to making money doing what they love.

What You Get

When you join the Academy, you get immediate access to:

  • Five Stages of Success Plan

  • Video library with more than 150 lessons

  • Monthly live training sessions

  • Business Planning Center

  • Member Directory

  • Business Health Check tool

  • Private Facebook group

  • 50% off courses: Business Idea Bootcamp and Social Media Simplified

  • Exclusive discount to BB live events


For one payment of $244, you’ll get access to the Academy for six months.

$ 244 /six months
Dave Ramsey and Christy Wright

The truth is, building a business is hard. Doing it alone is harder. But guess what? You're not alone. You've got help. I’m so excited to introduce you to the person who will likely do more for your business than you can imagine—Christy Wright.

Learn more about Christy.

How It Works

It’s not having too much to do that overwhelms us. It’s not knowing what to do—especially during times like these. That’s why the Academy gives you a customized step-by-step plan to win for your unique business and your unique goals.

As an Academy member, you’ll get training lessons with actionable steps, downloadable worksheets, tools and templates, and monthly live training sessions with Christy. You’ll also be surrounded by other creative, entrepreneurial, rock-star women for support along the way. And let’s be honest, support is more important now than ever before. We need each other, and we will get through this together.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Training

    The Five Stages of Success are five specific stages you can focus on at your own pace. It’s a great metric to track your progress as you launch and grow your business.

    This is a cycle, not a one-and-done process. Because your business will likely change and evolve often, each stage can be repeated multiple times as you start new projects or initiatives.

    The five stages are:
    1. Planning: creating a plan for your business
    2. Goal Setting: defining and refining the goals you want to accomplish
    3. Research: testing, experimenting, and trying different things to discover what works and what doesn’t
    4. Action: maximizing your efforts through marketing and sales
    5. Scaling: exploring expansion for your business

    No one knows your business better than you do. That’s why we wanted to give you the power to choose what area to focus on.

    Finally, we’ll get together every month for a live coaching session to answer your questions and celebrate your wins!

  • Confidence

    Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. It’s cliché because it’s true. Stop letting fear hold you back. As an Academy member, you’ll gain the confidence you need to move full speed ahead.

    There are people who need what you have to offer, and you don’t need a business degree to serve them. Stop wondering if you’re doing things the right way. Whether you’re learning how to run a business or you’ve been doing this for years, the Academy helps you build your confidence so you are prepared to handle every new stage or set back, every curve ball or crazy customer!

  • Live Feedback

    Sometimes you have specific questions you need answered or certain situations you need advice on. We get it. That’s why there are monthly live Q&A sessions with Christy. You will feel seen, heard, supported and valued as a member of the Business Boutique Academy.

  • Support

    Running a business can get lonely. That’s why the Business Boutique Academy is more than a community. It really is a family you can trust and lean on for support so you never feel alone.

    Your membership includes access to our exclusive Academy member Facebook group where you can connect with your fellow Academy members.

    Accountability and support are critical to making progress in business. That’s what we love about connecting you all to each other. You’ve got an army of women who have great advice, tips and solutions, and who want to help you win!


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    Join the waitlist and start budgeting for the cost. It's $244 for a six-month membership.

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    Mark your calendar to join the Academy when it opens this Fall.

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    Join the Academy when it opens. Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief as you get the support you need.

How It Works

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. What matters is that you’re in business. Whether you’re a realtor, run an Etsy shop, sell vegetables at a farmers market, or design websites, the training in the Academy can help any business.

We have Academy members who are:


Hear from our members

  • “The Academy has really made a difference in my business and personal mindset. It’s great to know that the community is there for me, cheering me on and wanting me to succeed.”

    — Rachel H.

  • “I love [Christy’s] clear passion, enthusiasm, and approachable method of teaching! Business Boutique Academy is breathing new life into how I’ve felt about business.”

    — Emily R.

  • “My husband was very unhappy in his teaching career, and although we wanted to run a business together, we didn’t see a way to make it happen. Business Boutique set a foundation before I even knew we needed it. And now, here we are! God brought us to this place, and you guys were a huge part of making me brave enough to step into it.”

    — Amelia E.

  • “[The Academy] keeps me moving and keeps pressing me toward my vision. So, in turn, I’m getting stuff done for my business, and I have the confidence to do it.”

    — Jennifer


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