Jun 23, 2015

The Problem With Points

“But what about the points?” Like Rachel Cruze, I get this question every single time I speak on the topic of money. The question usually goes... More
Dec 18, 2014

A Christmas Tradition

Years ago, my mom shared a brilliant Christmas tradition with me. Every year, when I pack up my Christmas decorations after the season is over,... More
Dec 11, 2014

5 DIY Gifts for Every Budget

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the most fun parts of Christmas. Calm down—I didn’t say it was the purpose of Christmas. I said... More
Jul 25, 2014

We Have Some Exciting News!

I've been ready to jump out of my skin with excitement for weeks! (When I'm not crashed on the couch exhausted.) I'm so happy to... More
Jun 11, 2014

Two Easy DIY Ideas

I'm on a house project kick, again. I've been on and off these kicks since we moved in our house exactly a year ago yesterday.... More
Apr 22, 2014

Easter Surprise

It was just a few months ago that I posted about my Thoughtful Gift - where I barely dodged a humiliating Christmas gift-giving experience with... More
Dec 18, 2013

A Thoughtful Gift

  Matt and I are like many married couples where the woman buys almost all of the gifts for everyone on their list. This is... More