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Every Wednesday morning, the entire Ramsey Solutions staff gathers in our conference center for devotions. But these aren’t your typical ho-hum devotions where a sleepy speaker reads a story, ties it to a Bible verse, ... More

I’ve written about this before, but leading up to our first-ever Business Boutique event, I was scared out of my mind. I was a nervous wreck with knots in my stomach in the weeks leading ... More

I want you to imagine something for me. Let’s pretend for a second that your child has a birthday coming up. You are so excited because you have thought of the perfect present for her. ... More

When I was 23 years old and fresh out of college, I worked as the aquatic director at the local YMCA. My days consisted of everything from hiring employees to testing the chlorine to scooping ... More

“Don’t worry about being right, just worry about being kind.” – Tilly Therber, my grandmother It’s not the difficulty of my decisions that bothers me. As a woman, I can deal with the uncertainty, the ... More

A few weeks ago, we had an absolutely beautiful January day in Nashville. The temperature fluctuated in the 70s and the sun was shining with a barely-there breeze. My husband Matt and I decided we ... More

Last week I was leaving the grocery store during a peak time. The parking lot was busier than usual, and without realizing it I drove right through a stop sign at the end of a ... More

I’ve noticed a theme of arrogance lately—but what’s weird about it is that it seems to be a socially acceptable kind of arrogance. Here’s what I mean. We all know what a snob is, right? ... More

Before I went out on maternity leave, I was having days where I was just running on fumes. I’m sure you’ve had those moments. For me, those last few months were a crazy season of preparation—preparing work ... More

Y’all, my heart is so full. This weekend, I’ve been inspired by the brilliant speakers I shared the stage with and the passionate women who brought their dreams and A-game to this event. I’m so ... More