Aug 15, 2017
What Makes The Best Marketing

My final semester of my senior year in college was dedicated to my Advertising Campaigns class. This is the final class you have to pass...

Aug 25, 2016
What Makes Great Content

Everyone talks about content as a driver for marketing, social media and sales, but most people don’t know what that even means. They want to...

Mar 17, 2016
Social Time with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a social media expert who provides priceless insights for a stress-free approach to starting and growing your own online business. Getting new followers...

Mar 15, 2016
The Key to Good Sales

I’ve tried to find shoes for my son for about six months. I tried to buy him cute shoes last summer just for fun, but...

Feb 16, 2016
How to Close More Sales

I am so excited to have a guest post on my blog today by my friend, sales expert Tiffany Peterson. Tiffany blew the audience away at...

Dec 10, 2015
How to Stand Out This Christmas

Just a couple of weeks ago, my email inbox was flooded with Black Friday sales. Every store or company I’ve ever interacted with in any...