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If you're looking to meet and connect with other amazing women on the same journey as you, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Business out there can be lonely, but here in the Community, it’s anything but that! It’s a place of energy and excitement, meeting friends, and making things happen! There are many women here that are on the same journey as you, and they are ready to give you the advice and encouragement that you need.

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Need feedback on an idea? Solutions to a problem? Advice or a referral? There are amazing and trustworthy women in the Community that can help you when you need it. And you can do the same for them!



Share your progress and celebrate your successes with other women who are in your corner cheering you on, including Christy and the Business Boutique team!



Whether you’ve hit a milestone or a roadblock, the women in the Community are here by your side to encourage you, lift you up, and keep you motivated. We’re all in this together!



The Community is a place full of energy and excitement from women just like you who are out there making things happen! Get motivated by their success stories—and be inspired to make your own.

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If you’re ready to create your own success story, the Business Boutique Academy is your answer. The Academy gives you the tools, training, and encouragement you need to make money doing what you love. As a Community member, you can get a sneak peek of all the Academy has to offer. For full access, you can become a member of the Business Boutique Academy at any time!

“There is incredible power in women championing other women!”

Christy Wright


The Community

If you’re looking for a place to connect with other women who are dreaming, starting, and building their businesses just like you, this is a great place to start!

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The Academy

If you’re ready to take your business further, the Academy offers training, tools, and encouragement. This is your destination to launch or grow your business.

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