My Story

In the beginning... Due on Independence Day... but stubborn from the beginning to do things my own way, I was born over 2 weeks late on July 20, 1983 to a CRAZY wonderful determined loving selfless fighter of a mother...

In the beginning…

Due on Independence Day… but stubborn from the beginning to do things my own way, I was born over 2 weeks late on July 20, 1983 to a CRAZY wonderful determined loving selfless fighter of a mother – Darlene Therber…

…Who, when she realized that she was left with a 6-month old baby to raise alone, valiantly started her own cake decorating business in the front of the Candyland window with only $63 to her name to buy supplies.

She rented out their window by offering to pay them 10% of her profits. Her business grew so fast that they soon kicked her out to find her own location because there was a line of people around the block every day to get her cakes, and not their candy. She still runs her cake shop to this very day.

Mom at age 34, soon after starting her cake shop.

She is pretty much holds the title “Hero of My Life.”

I got some amazing and hilarious qualities from my mother for which I will be forever grateful including….

Talk fast. Love a lot. Give.  Sacrifice. Seek Adventure. Never give up. Everyone matters. Be weird. Laugh. Work hard. Sing even though you are terrible. Play hard. Look for the good in everything and everyone. Fight for what you want and who you are. Forgive. Always do what is right. Love more. Live every moment. Don’t settle.
Make life what you want it to be.
You CAN do anything.

K. Fast forward.

Shy child. Sensitive (still am) – and always obeyed the rules…

First day of school.


I got my first “real” boyfriend in 5th grade – Greg Tidwell – and decided that I could be a Good Girl AND a Bad-A – I role that I still try to play today.

K. Fast forward.

Middle School – I was awkward and ugly.

High school (Overton – Don’t hate) – I was da’ bomb.

College at UCF – I was lost.

College at UT – God started to show me who He wants me to be.

Post college (2006 – present) I have…

  • Got Jackson. Jackson is a Bernese Mountain Dog (NOT a St. Bernard – don’t even go there.) Since they are rare in these parts, my aunt and I drove 11 hours straight to Oklahoma to pick him up, got Arby’s, gave his little 6-week old body a Benadryl, and drove 11 hours back to Nashville.

Baby Jackson at around 12 pounds and 6-weeks old.

Then he grew up…

Jackson – super excited at the dog park.

  • Worked at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee as the District Aquatics Director – a.k.a. – Manager O’ 16-year old Lifeguards and all things water-related.

Me and my Swim Lesson Coordinator – Lori

Me and two of my favorite Lifeguards – Ashley and Weslea

  • Volunteer coached a 7-year old Soccer team – The Cheetah Girls – for two years.

Getting these girls ready before a game usually involved determining who would play forward since they ALL wanted to play forward to score. I love their drive. 🙂

Season 3 Team photo after a hot, sweaty game.

  • Competed in a Latin/Ballroom Dance competition – (After taking 6 months of lessons with my then-instructor and now-BFF, Tony Guidera.)

Tony and I at the National Dance Sport Dance Competition in Nashville.

I might have natural athletic ability but I have absolutely NO natural grace or flexibility. Tony was beyond patient with me.

  • Ran a full marathon, two 1/2 marathons, and two triathlons – a hobby that I still love and currently play in.

Pre – 26.2. Clueless and happy. 🙂

Music City Triathlon in 2007.

  • Played on an Adult Co-Ed Soccer Team – where I was one of 4 white girls that played on a team with 10 Guatemalan men…. that do not speak English.  Hay porque mi espanol es muy bueno! 🙂
    Team Guatemala – League Champions (1 season) and 2nd place (4 seasons)
  • Been in 11 weddings. I am getting really good by the way. I plan to implement my new fee structure for my bridesmaid services in 2012. If you want me for free, you better get married this year. I am just sayin…

Beth’s Bridal Party. (She did great with our dresses.)

  • Moved to a 40 acre farm in Bellevue where I bought my first horse (Wildfire,) second horse (Diablo) , 2 fainting goats (Willie & Waylon) and a mini-donkey (Hank).

Washing Diablo (with Hank watching) after a ride…

Hank, Willie, Waylon and Lady – one of the horses I boarded.

It was also here that I learned what it really means to run a farm…  I cut the fields with a bush hog, bailed hay, boarded horses (to help pay the rent,) broke up the ice in the trough every morning in the winter and  fixed every one of the 5,000 things that went wrong with the old house…

I came home from church the Sunday of this photo to find “the guys” finishing up cutting the fields. They came up to me and told me that rain was coming at which point I immediately ditched my afternoon plans, changed into my overalls and started hauling the bales into the barn from the fields. I loaded, unloaded and stored in the barn – 80+ bales that day. Still stands as one of the most laborious days of my life…

  • Moved to a 70-acre farm in Mt. Juliet to be closer to work. I moved myself, my things, my roommate Ashley and all of my animals 45- minutes away to be closer to the Donelson YMCA. Farm duties were the same – just a nicer house that didn’t fall apart every day.

Currently I…

  • Work at Dave Ramsey’s company in Cool Springs as a speaker and the Youth Project Coordinator. And. I. Love. It.

Speaking for the MOVE conference, Summer, 2010

  • Moved to a NORMAL and awesome house in Crieve Hall after donating all of my animals to Windy Gap (a Young Life camp where I used to volunteer in the summer and where all of my animals will have the greatest lives imaginable together while making high school kids happy.)
  • Go to church at Crosspoint
  • Still work at the YMCA as MOD (Manager on Duty) a few Saturdays a month
  • Have a 10-year old sister that I adore…(Junior year of high school my dad and stepmom said, ‘Surprise!’ : )

Whitney and I at her Christmas play at church, 2008

  • Volunteer with Young Life at Franklin High School where I lead club as well as 2 crazy groups of bible study girls…One group of Sophomores and a separate group of Seniors.

Sophomore Girls at Chili’s

Senior Girls at Windy Gap

  • Run (and hang out) with the East Nasties – my favorite group of people in the whole world.

Cold day at the Boulevard Bolt, Thanksgiving, 2009

  • Loyally maintain my membership in the Starting 5 – A group of girlfriends that came together by fate and were forever bonded by the horrors of Myrtle Beach in 2006.

We have at least 100 of these pictures of us with our hands showing the 5 just in case we might forget who we are.

  • Hang out with the 3 BEST girlfriends anyone could ever ask for…Jenny, Ashley and Christy (Graham…not myself talking in the 3rd person…that would just be sad.)
  • And love living life the most wonderful man I have ever met…my boyfriend Matt.

I am a lucky girl.

The end.