There's hope in the chaos.
There's hope in the chaos.
The Business Boutique Podcast

Ep 2: Starting with the End in Mind

August 23, 2016 - 58:26

In this episode, we’ll dig into the specifics for your business like platforms, policies, branding and target market. I promise, it’s fun! We’ll talk about the operational side of running a business with the founder of Grace and Lace: my friend Melissa Hinnant. She has one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard—you’ll love hearing from her. And Donald Miller will help us understand why telling your story is such a powerful way to reach your target audience.

1:15    Tiers 3&4 of the BB Business Plan

20:47  Interview with Donald Miller

37:40  Interview with Melissa Hinnant

49:06  BB Success Story with Megan Hardwick

56:37  Homework


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  • Noel says:

    Love listening to these podcasts at my “day job.” Lots of good information for my home business (Wed – Sun, a few hours a day), but also helpful advice for my day job (Mon – Tues). This j.o.b. pays the bills, so it’s important that I do a good job here as well, but also inspiring to work towards the day when the j.o.b. ends and the home business generates an income as well.

    Business Boutique has shown me the importance of working “on” my business. I spent two years writing and photographing recipes as a free resource for my readers, and they love my content, but I never spent any time working “on” my business to figure out how to make it work for me, too. I’m excited to dedicate several hours each week (now that school is back in session) working “on” my business and learning how to grow it, while maintaining the content contributions that I provide each week.

  • Elanee Smythe says:

    I’m realizing that there are things in my business that have just sort of happened , and not been intentional, or planned. I am so inspired by the stories, and encouraging insights I’ve received from this podcast. I can’t wait to finish the business plan chart, and apply it to my business. I’m still stuggling with knowing if the business I’m in is right for me. I do dog sitting, and it started because I wanted to get a dog of my own, but didn’t have the money. Now 2 years later, I’ve earned far more money than I need to buy a dog of my own, but I still haven’t bought a dog. So I’m trying to figure out if this is a business I should continue, or if I should continue with my plan to buy a dog, and move on to another business. The podcast has been so helpful. Thank you for all the insights, and encouragement.

  • Shannon says:

    Hi Christy! I am a sort of new business owner. I am a full time teacher, that wants to get out of teaching. Many years ago I came up with my business idea but put it on hold because of the fear of not having a business background and not knowing where to start. Entreleadership podcast didn’t exist, and neither did you new amazing podcast! I launched my business in September of 2014, and it has been a slow frustrating start. I self taught everything on launching a business (legal, website, branding, target market, buying necessary equipment with cash–no debt here!), but once the business launched I was forced to sit and wait for customers to come to me. I am not a sales/marketing person. It took a whole year for the phone to ring for a stranger to actually want to pay me money for my service. Business has been steady and slow in the last year, but hopefully will pick up speed soon. I believe in my business idea and I am passionate about it and committed to it, even when it drains my personal bank account. I am so thankful for you new podcast! It is refreshing and inspiring to hear other women just like me who didn’t always set out to start a business, but it kind of fell in their lap. I look forward to more inspiring podcasts!

    Oh, I never mentioned by business–silly me! I provide dress up tea parties to young girls for their birthday! Right now my business is mobile, and I store everything in the living room of my one bedroom apartment (on the second floor!). My tea parties include a dress rack full of party dresses, an accessory table complete with jewelry, hats, crowns, purses, and of course lace gloves, an entire tea table with table linens, porcelain tea cups and saucers, tea pots, and three tier dessert trays! The girls look lovely and darling when they experience their first “real” tea party! I can’t wait to own a venue some day, so my customers can come to me and truly enjoy a charming tea party experience! My website is:

  • Ashley Williams says:

    Loving the podcasts! I’m so glad you’re doing them because I have to be honest, I haven’t got much out of the website. I wish it was easier to navigate. Also, it felt a little misleading to become a community member thinking there would be videos and downloads available but it looks like everything has to be paid for. Is the Business Plan Chart something that is free or does it cost? Where can I find it?

  • Shantel Neal says:

    Hi Christy i’m so inspired by what you are doing to help women. My husband and I were lead by God to The Dave Ramsey Show and that’s when we started our debt free journey. It has changed our lives and I to want to help change the lives of others too. I want to be a financial coach, but I have been struggling with the idea that people won’t think i’m credible if i don’t have a degree in finance. How could I start a financial coaching business teaching what Dave teaches?Do you think i need a degree in finance?

  • Roe Perkett says:

    I am trying to make a little money right now selling candy leis here in Arizona, for the end of the year graduations. I’ve gotten a few orders (30 total) and the extra money is nice!

  • Tiffany Clemons says:

    this podcast is giving me soooo much LIFE! i’m loving the topic of discussions and being able to take notes during the podcast. It gives me so much joy listening to the podcast as we’re trying to launch our business and i’m trying to work on another business as well.

  • Stacie says:

    I am attempting to launch a clothing line and want to know how any of the listeners dealt with the legality of protecting their brand (copyright, registered trademark, etc) before going after it

  • Katharine says:

    I am over-the-moon THRILLED about this podcast. I just finished the book, did my 4-tiered business plan, but was left thinking “I sure wish there were some more success stories I could listen to!”

    I am hoping to launch my college consulting business in early 2018 after I lay the groundwork this year. Anyone who can make a WordPress site functional for a service-based business, let me know!

  • Killary Meade says:

    This podcast is so inspiring! I’ve been looking for something like this and I’ve found a treasure!! As I begin my business these most helpful steps will be followed. I WILL FIND SUCCESS!!! God has lead me here and things are unfolding so quickly! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! God bless!!!!!

  • Emajean Zwieg says:

    I’ve been a Dave podcast groupie for the past couple of years during my day job but finally started branching out listening to Ken Colman and now to you! Glad I started with the first episodes! I finally discovered my passion with Ken (working with injured, sick or rescued horses and owners by providing physical therapy, holistic care and training that the everyday horse owner can use to keep their saddle partners healthy and rideable) and now I’m learning my why and how from you! I’m so excited to have these great stories and information for free. We are in our final year of our debt snowball so spending a lot of money on chasing my dream isn’t appropriate now but thanks to your podcast I feel like I have the ability to learn while I wait to make my jump into my business and that between you, Dave and Ken I’ll have a great foundation for success!! I can’t wait to keep working to my goal and someday come to a business boutique live event myself. Keep up the great work!

  • Bianca says:

    The biggest thing I’m doing is realizing that there are paths that will work. With the limited amount of time that I can devote, I struggled to make less than 10 sales on Etsy over the course of a couple years. It’s a great platform for many people, but maybe another one would work better for me.

  • Sharon Lalor says:

    Hello, I am listing to this in August 2018. And I am already find this so helpful right at the beginning stages. Thank you very much. I have so many ideas and thought going through my head, this podcast is helping me to think more clearly.


  • Megan Adelson says:

    Hi Christy and all of you other amazing women! So happy to have been referred to this podcast. I am a full-time student trudging my way through a psychology doctoral program, and am incredibly disenchanted with academia and the thought of working for “the man.” I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I’m determined to make it happen! I want to help businesses, organizations, and universities with stress management, in a very small nutshell. Have my quick start business plan all set (thanks Christy!) but am currently still figuring out how to pay providers for clients and get paid without charging my clients an arm and a leg (particularly for graduate programs – the barrier to good mental health care for graduate students is already money and time and that’s the need I’m trying to satisfy). Just have no idea how this kind of thing works and what my options are and how realistic this plan is. But, this podcast keeps me very optimistic and accountable, and I’m so grateful for it. See you in Nashville (just registered today)!