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The holidays are right around the corner, y’all. I don’t want you to be scattered and stressed this season—I want you to be present. In this episode, I’ll give you tips on how to survive this crazy season in your business, your life, and your budget. 

Plus, Etsy expert Melissa Kaiserman is a friend of Business Boutique and pays us a visit on this week’s podcast. She’ll share some wonderful, practical tips on how to prepare for the holidays if you’re a product-based business.

And my dear friend Rachel Cruze is here to talk about one of the biggest things that steals our joy, not just during the holidays, but all year round: comparisons. She’ll walk us through how to quit those comparisons. She’ll also share with us how she and her husband work through their budget together, and some funny stories about how it goes when they don’t see eye to eye.

1:40    Surviving Christmas in Business, Life, and Money

16:00  Interview with Melissa Kaiserman

35:51  Interview with Rachel Cruze

50:56  Homework

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  1. Monica Buscher says:

    Great tips on how to make Christmastime more enjoyable and less stressful – I find myself being pulled in a million directions every year so I’m excited to put these tips into action!

  2. Kimberly Keech says:

    Thanks Christy to you and all of your guests. I cannot tell you how helpful and encouraging you and your Business Boutique materials/website/podcast have been. Always inspiring and full of great info. Would love to go to the Business Boutique event!

  3. I just found this podcast last week. I can’t explain how much I needed to hear what you are saying!! Fabulous! Thank you!!

  4. Erinn Snively says:

    Christy, thank you so much for what you do! I love the action item of the Christmas Traditions Greatest Hits List! And I can’t wait to get my hands on Rachel’s new book!

  5. Amy Cole says:

    The podcasts are fantastic and full of such wonderful and helpful information. My daughter and I want so badly to attend one of the Business Boutique events! Can’t wait for the next podcast.

  6. Rebekah Deleon says:

    Amazing podcast! Greatly encouraged to start an Etsy shop in time for Christmas thanks to this episode! Thanks for all you do….and I look forward to soaking up all the wisdom and knowledge I can at the Business Boutique if I win the tickets!!! ….it’s just what my friend and I need to kick us overall into gear on making our dream into a reality! 🙂

  7. Nayeon Kim says:

    Thank you so much for doing this podcast! Love Christy and the guests that share their wisdom and experience. This is the first podcast on itunes to see if a new episode has been released. Looking forward to the next one!!

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