There's hope in the chaos.
There's hope in the chaos.
The Business Boutique Podcast

Ep 7: How to Build Your Business and Still Have a Life at the Same Time

November 01, 2016 - 57:21

In this episode, we’ll cover the five habits of successful women and how to manage your time wisely. Plus, the creator of the Zipadee-Zip, Stephanie Parker, will tell us the story of how her business idea blew up into a nationally recognized product and mom-favorite.

We’ll also hear from Sharon McKnight owner of SMc Home Care Consulting in Alexandria, Indiana. Sharon left the traditional marketplace to work from home so she could spend more time with her family. Sharon’s business has been so successful, she has been able to bring on her daughter, Angie Kerr, full-time.

1:19 Five Habits of Successful Women

13:42 Interview with Stephanie Parker

45:42 BB Success Story with Sharon McKnight & Angie Kerr

55:41 BB Podcast Listener Survey

56:05 Homework

The listener survey has ended.

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  • Sarah Hull says:

    I learned from this podcast how to utilize each social media outlet effectively. I will try Facebook live for my Etsy business and blog:The Hull Homestead,and also be more intentional with quality,cooonsistent content. Thank you Christy for sharing your knowledge and allowing others to share their knowledge and stories. Love the podcast!

  • Kate Finney says:

    One of my favorite time management techniques is to schedule blocks of time in my day for everything. I don’t just put appointments and places I have to be on my calendar. I also schedule writing time, time for research and study, time to make phone calls or write e-mails. Otherwise, I tend to overbook and not allow enough time for things that need to be done with just me, alone, at my desk. My time is just as important as the time I spend with others.

  • Mary Dickens says:

    Christy, I have listened to every podcast at least 3-4 times. Can hardly wait for every other Tuesday when you share it. You are inspiring and teaching and coaching so many of us … Impact is huge!! Thank you !!i share you w every woman I meet who is even a little bit interested in business / dream building.

  • Bianca Woller says:

    I echo the comments about using social media outlets effectively. Etsy didn’t work with the time I have availible to work on my business, but there are other options and one of those should work!

    For time management I like to use lists. Sometimes I have to put a time limit on each item to keep myself moving. Just because I could spend half of my day cleaning or several hours on my meal for one doesn’t mean that I should do that today!