Show Notes

In this episode, I’ll cover four tips for getting over the guilt in your life. Dr. Meg Meeker will stop by! She’s a pediatrician, mother, and best-selling author of six books, and she’ll talk to us about raising a family while also growing our businesses.

We’ll also hear from Kim Hughes, owner of Kim Hughes Coaching in Mineola, Texas. Kim was a stay-at-home mom who started a side-business to earn extra money. Twenty years later her side-business has grown into three businesses that employ Kim, her husband, and nine other team members.

1:38 Getting Over the Guilt in Your Life

15:29 Interview with Dr. Meg Meeker

46:48 BB Success Story with Kim Hughes

58:51 Homework

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  1. Christine McClintick says:

    I loved this podcast! I needed this when my children were smaller but even now at 15, and 18 I do still feel guilt about working so much. I am thankful that God has blessed my salon and though my husband was on stress leave for almost 2 years…and 6 months of that with No income…my salon was able to pay all our bills and keep the household going. Thank you for doing this Poscast

  2. Leslee says:

    Wow!! What incredible perspective. I have three kids under 6 and it seems life will always require so much of my attention on them, but Dr. Meg helped me see the bigger picture. In the span of my life only a portion will be raising these babies. It inspires me to be intentional with them, but also reassures me that pursuing my passions is a good thing for Leslee 10-15 years from now. Thank you for this episode. I’ve already shared it with many of my mom friends!

  3. Evelyn E says:

    This episode was off the hook! Life changing and real! It truly stroke a cord in my heart, Thank you for sharing tips on how to defeat guilt, Powerful. Thank you for what you do <3

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