Show Notes

In this episode, I’ll break down why some of us feel weird and uncomfortable about selling, and I’ll show you that selling doesn’t have to be pushy or aggressive. Making a sale really can be fun, and it starts with simply sharing your heart.

And my guest this week is sales expert Tiffany Peterson. She’ll talk to us about how we can add more value to our businesses and better serve our customers.

Plus, the owner of Needle and Grain, Susan Leach, talks about how she quit a day job that made her miserable to run a booming business.

1:14 How to Sell without Feeling Slimy

12:43 Interview with Tiffany Peterson

42:42 BB Success Story with Susan Leach

56:28 Homework

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  1. Sarah Marino says:

    I love this! You guys are doing God’s work. This past weekend I was crying and talking to my mentor and upline ( I am a network marketer) telling her I need to change my mindset about selling. She suggested Tiffany Peterson. This podcast dropped at the right time! I can not wait until the Sacramento Event in March!

    1. Hi Sarah, that’s great! Thanks for your comment and can’t wait to see you in Sacramento!

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