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In this episode, I’ll break down how to turn fans and followers into customers. This doesn’t happen by accident, and I’ll share the step-by-step formula to make it happen.

My guest this week is social media and marketing expert Amy Porterfield. She’ll reveal the 3 most common mistakes she sees business owners make when it comes to social media. She’ll also give us tips on how to increase fan engagement on Facebook.

Plus, Christi Ratcliff, who started Christi Ratcliff Coaching in Cornelius, North Carolina, will inspire you by explaining how she overcame fear and put herself out there, and the growth she’s seen as a result.

1:02 Maximize Your Social Media Influence to Gain Customers

18:08 Interview with Amy Porterfield

37:34 BB Success Story with Christi Ratcliff

46:54 Homework

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25 Ways To Protect Your Time PDF—accessible in the show notes of Episode 7

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

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  1. Mickelle says:

    I love this advice! The notion of serving my audience through social media gives me an entirely different perspective. I’ve been so put off by committing to using social media for my business because of the time commitment, however. It feels like another job in itself to find or create content, engage my audience, plan strategies, etc. So my question is – how on earth do I get control of that, while making products and running the rest of my business? What does successful (albeit small) social media marketing look like in the day to day?

  2. Towanda says:

    I anxiously await your Business Boutique podcasts because the tips you provide are so helpful and the stories of other women just like me are so inspiring. This week’s podcast did not disappoint.

    This month I began operating my very own Gourmet Pet Treat business; Hugs & Biscuits, and I want to stand apart from the competition. I think social media is a great place to start. I think we so often get tunnel vision with our business and can seem a little greedy when we ask so much from our potential customers and don’t give much back to them.

    I love the boxing analogy Christy used; jab,jab,jab, right hook! This is something that will stick with me and I will apply to all of my social media platforms. I believe I will focus my attention on Facebook and Instagram because one requires daily attention and the other does not require as much of a presence.

    Thank you Christy for this most encouraging information 👍

  3. Keri says:

    I learned that business and personal should be separated into separate Facebook accounts. How do I get my friend and family followers to my business page? Is there a way to clearly link them? Thanks for your podcast! I really enjoyed how you broke how to use social media into steps toward the beginning of the podcast.

  4. Katherina Stegerman says:

    I found this podcast really practical and inspiring, thank you! Wondering if you had tips for creating great content consistently? I’m starting a fashion line and only release “new” product twice a year or so (trying to stay with the fashion cycle) and struggle to have “social media worthy” photo’s of my mom’s basement storage room/studio :P. Any thoughts at all?

  5. Ada Bos says:

    This was the first of your podcasts that I’ve listened too and just LOVED IT!! Am still in the dreaming stage of starting my business but certainly helped give me some great ideas and tips to follow as I’m setting up my marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us!

  6. I loved this episode. I’ve started a facebook business page almost 2 years ago when I hopped into network marketing. But I knew immediately I didn’t want to be one of those scummy sales-y types. I transitioned my social media presence to becoming the ‘expert’ (the person to go to when you had health/fitness questions). And that helped give me a good jump start for my new business page. But the advice on finding my ideal client persona was pure gold! I created Better Betty out of it and I think of her when I post my content. I also was pumped to hear about jab jab hook. I will have to look into getting an audio version of that! Thanks for a great episode!

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