Show Notes

Earning a profit in business isn’t optional, even if your business is a nonprofit! This episode is for all of you dreaming of starting or already running a nonprofit! We’ll talk about fundraising, grant writing, identifying your target market, and more.

My friend Stacy Coleman is our guest for this episode. Stacy is the founder of Three Strands, a nonprofit based in Atlanta that serves BirthMoms, who choose life and put their babies up for adoption, with excellence. Her incredible personal story and how she unexpectedly came to create Three Strands will inspire you and make you cry!

We’ll also hear from Misty Newsome, the founder of Heshima Ministries, a non-profit business that helps women in Uganda. I’ll also answer your questions about business.

1:22 Starting and Running a Non-Profit Business

16:21 Interview with Stacy Coleman

40:47 BB Success Story with Misty Newsome


51:59 Homework

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  1. Christie says:

    This podcast really hit home for me. Question for #askchristywright … how many board members do I have to have to get my 501c3 designation & how do I keep from letting the board take over my vision and run in a different direction. I am totally worried about this and have avoided non profit status because of it.

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